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    Dear friends:

    As a newly rising enterprise of international cooperation, China Jilin Province Chuangye Economic Cooperation Corporation, LTD. (JLCC) comes to the world by the opportunity of the Opening and Reform in China.


    JLCC is located in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region at the foot of the Mt. Changbai. It has been observing the principles of reliable trustworthiness, sincere cooperation and common progress, built the cooperative relationship with many business partners at home and abroad and established transnational and highly effective operational mechanism for the sake of contacting foreign engineering projects, providing manpower services and developing international import and export trade.


    With the aid of our long term close cooperation partnership and by mainly dealing in contacting engineering projects abroad, providing manpower services, JLCC has taken shape of business base areas in more than 20 foreign countries and regions, such as South Korea, Japan, Russia, North Korea, Libya, Jordan, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Saipan. I, as President of JLCC, hereby welcome the partners from industries and commercial firms all over the world to cooperate and progress together with us. 


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