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    Clean and wipe
    Clean and wipe

    Clean and wipe

    Cleaning wipes, sanitary wipes, baby wipes, makeup removers, and this functional wipes are used in wipe wipes in the human body, beauty, pets, objects, etc.

    Beauty care
    Beauty care

    Beauty care

    For the mask, beauty Roujin, compressed particles mask, the hotel towels and other disposable towels and other areas of care.

    Medical hygiene
    Medical hygiene

    Medical hygiene

    Gauze, surgical gowns, surgical cloth, surgical curtains, masks, medical alcohol cotton bandages, disposable sheets and other medical accessories.

    Industrial substrate
    Industrial substrate

    Industrial substrate

    Various synthetic leather fabric, floppy disk lined, electronic circuit board composites, aerospace materials, automotive interior composite materials, precision wipe, environmental filters and other industrial fields.

    Home Decoration
    Home Decoration

    Home Decoration

    Sofa cloth, carpet composite materials, bedspreads, tablecloths, apparel for lining, energy-saving curtains, wall covering and other environmental protection home decoration.

  • Mixed Opening Machine

    Mixed Opening Machine

    The mixed opening machine with a high efficiency and a large capacity grabs raw materials accurately and weighs precisely ,opens and blends them totally.Also,it works efficiently in removing impurities,ensuring the uniform proportion and stable value of cv%.

  • Feeding and Carding Machine

    Feeding and Carding Machine

    The uniform layers from the air pressure hopper are fed into the carding machine

  • Lapping and Drafting Machine

    Lapping and Drafting Machine

    In such a international advanced machine, several layers are crossly overlaid laterally and vertically in a regular order and drafted evenly by many saw-toothed rollers

  • Spunlaced Equipment Unit

    Spunlaced Equipment Unit

    The advanced “three round drum system”--platform technology、scientific water-cycling system and water treatment system varies the variety of our products and enhances the strength of our products.

  • Boiler Drying Equipment

    Boiler Drying Equipment

    Equipped with gas heated conduction oil boiler and hot air penetration type air dryer

  • Winding and Cutting Machine

    Winding and Cutting Machine

    Full-automatic winding and cutting machine can wind with even tension and cut tidily and smoothly.It can control the length and ensure the good quality to improve the efficiency in later production.

  • Offline further processing line

    Offline further processing line

    This line adopts the offline dip immersion dressing method to make the nonwoven possess a variety of functions and by this way the nonwoven can be dressed evenly and its surface will be smoother.

  • Calender


    The calender is composed of metal mirror roller and polyamide plastic roller, adopts infinitely adjusting medium & high technology and heating mode by conduction oil, which can make the nonwoven posses the characteristics of uniform thickness and high glossiness.


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